Best Cocktail As Voted On By The Public


Eligibility: The contest is open to bars and establishments that serve cocktails, located within the designated region specified by Redmont Distilling Company.
Submission Deadline: Bars must submit a photo of their cocktail along with the recipe to Redmont Distilling Company before April 30th. Late submissions will not be accepted.
Recipe Requirements: Each submission must include a detailed recipe for the cocktail, specifying all ingredients and their quantities, as well as the preparation method. The cocktail must prominently feature one of Redmont Distilling Company’s spirits.

Judging Criteria: The cocktails will be judged based on creativity and presentation. Each aspect will be weighted equally in the judging process.
Judging Panel: The judging will be conducted by the public on social media. Redmont Distilling Company will facilitate the voting process, which will be open from May 1st to May 4th.
Promotion: Participating bars are encouraged to promote their cocktail submissions on their social media channels to garner votes from their patrons and followers.
Winner Announcement: The winner of the contest will be announced on Redmont Distilling Company’s social media channels shortly after the voting period ends.
Prize: The winning bar will receive recognition from Redmont Distilling Company and potentially other promotional opportunities. The award for the highest voted cocktail will win (2) ticket to a State Farm Arena concert of their choosing within the year of 2024.
Publicity: By participating in the contest, bars grant Redmont Distilling Company the right to use their cocktail photos and recipes for promotional purposes.
Compliance: All participants must comply with local laws and regulations regarding the promotion and serving of alcoholic beverages.

By submitting a cocktail for the contest, bars acknowledge and agree to abide by these rules and regulations set forth by Redmont Distilling Company.