Your Favorite Vodka for Cocktails and Drinks in Miami

When it comes to crafting quality small-batch vodka, Redmont Vodka is in a class of its own. Our vodka is an exceptional choice for any vodka drinks in Miami bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Made from corn for gluten-free vodka, our spirits are 8x distilled for a clean, crisp taste and smooth finish. Our vodka is an exceptional choice for any type of vodka cocktail in Miami.

For those who love the simple things in life, a vodka soda or a vodka tonic with Redmont Vodka are both great choices, ideally served with a slice of lemon or lime. For those craving a bit more flavor, a vodka cranberry is a great summer drink, and a vodka gimlet or a Moscow Mule is a great choice any time of year.

In Miami, Enjoy a Twist on the Moscow Mule with Redmont Vodka

If you are in Miami, consider trying a new twist on an old classic with Redmont Vodka. Our Redmont Mule uses our vodka – Redmont Vodka brand, of course, mixed with fresh lime, ginger beer, and some delicious mint. If you are wondering, “how is a Moscow made?”, this is the best way we know. Some people may also ask, “Is a Moscow made with vodka?”, and our 8x distilled vodka is the perfect match for this drink.

For those with dietary concerns, there’s no need to worry about which vodkas are gluten-free at Redmont Distillery. We make our vodka from corn, so it is always gluten-free.